Lavern Gibson Championship Cross Country Course - 599 S. Tabortown Rd - Terre Haute, IN 47803



Please plan to arrive early-- at least 1 to 1.5 hours ahead of the start of the meet. There are 3 entrances to the course to help get you swiftly into the course.


The Lavern Gibson Championship Cross Country Course charges a gate fee for all events of $5.00 per person for most events. However, the host organization or governing body may require a higher fee to be charged-- typically Championship events. We will try to post the fee on the appropriate race page of the calendar as soon as LGCXC is notified.


Yes, we are pet lovers! However, we are also trying to provide the best experience possible for the student-atheletes. A pet running loose on the course; a broken leash; two animals fighting with each other; a little kid getting bit trying to pet an animal while the owner is distracted-- creates unwanted distractions for the student-atheletes, spectators and organizers.

In all cases, the response is, "...this has never happend before..."

For the above reasons, the staff will ask you to return your pet to your car.


The host organization or governing body conducting of the meet determines who gets media credentials or access to areas of the course-- NOT Lavern Gibson Championship Cross Country Course or the Wabash Valley Family Sport Center.


There are certain times of the year that the course will be closed to prevent damage to the running surface. Individuals or teams who would like to run on the course may do so for a small fee. Please contact the Wabash Valley Family Sports Center in ADVANCE to determine if the course is open and fee required for you or your group..

No bikes (touring, mountain,motorized, etc.) or motorized vehicles are allowed on the course at any time by spectators.


All attempts will be made to keep this web site up to date. However, it is your responsibility to make sure you are aware of any changes made by the meet director of the host organization or governing body.